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TransparenTXT - SMS text and walk

September 2011
linknode launch TransparenTXT for Windows Phone as a free trial download.

TransparenTXT is the solution for the text-walker.

If you SMS and walk using a Windows Phone, then TransparenTXT provides a see-through messaging window and keyboard on top of the live image from your camera. TransparenTXT allows you to see what is in-front of you (and behind the phone) when composing messages and could allow you to spot that obscured obstacle!

Never use your phone to message with TransparenTXT whilst driving or in control of machinery. We recommend you stop to compose and enjoy the view.

  • Features a Full Keyboard
    - Includes symbols, emoticons and intelligent shortcuts
  • Integrated Spellcheck with Suggestions
    - Online look-up for spelling by phone language settings
    - Check manually, as you type or automatically before sending
    - Status and progress bar shown whilst checking
  • SMS Status Indicators
    - On screen counter shows current message length
  • User Managed Settings Control
    - Manage text and keyboard transparency
    - Manage spell checking and data service usage

Free trial mode is limited to one SMS message length (40 characters), single recipient, manual spellcheck and standard keyboard characters.

Download here. **     

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