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Who on Earth - identifies your friends

January 2012
linknode launch Who on Earth for Windows Phone as a free trial.

Who on Earth identifies your friends from a photo or capture from the phone camera.

Impress your friends by recreating the face-recognition scene from Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (just without the contact-lens!).

Did you ever start talking to someone and couldn't remember their name? Help is on the way with Who on Earth.
Use your Facebook friends (once connected to Facebook) to identify individuals on pictures or from a grab from the camera preview. Who on Earth only uses images accessible through Facebook authentication and privacy settings.
Using Who on Earth, all the faces in the picture are identified and a named match is labelled on the image - social crisis averted!

  • Select Pictures to Identify
    - Choose pictures from your albums or camera roll (includes photos from your phone, social networking profile, Zune images etc)
    - Capture an image from the camera preview without saving a picture
  • Face Recognition
    - Faces on the picture are highlighted with names
    - See the strength of recognition confidence
    - Scroll through multiple faces
  • Settings Control
    - Administer Facebook login (including 'forget me')
    - Conforms to authentication and privacy settings
    - See how many Facebook friends have public images
    - No personal information is saved by the app

Free trial mode is ad supported.

Download here. **     

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